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November 29/30

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  1. Finish Shakespearean Paraphrase Class work
  2. Parts of the Sentence Practice – Double-space and label the parts of the sentence for the sentences below:
    1. Yesterday, Ke’shara told us her plans for the future.
    2. Your explanation is very clear.
    3. Sitting in the shade was pleasant when the sunlight was so intense.
    4. When the magician appeared on stage, he looked angry.
    5. Of course, it was just an illusion.
    6. With his rigorous schedule, Leroy doesn’t have much time to spend with his friends.
    7. However, we all understand and give him encouragement and support.
    8. We felt exhausted after the marathon.
    9. Those dogs are Dalmatians.
    10. I tried the new recipe, but the dish tasted strange.
  3. Poetry Analysis Practice –
    1. Create one page in your notes for each of the following poems:
      1. “Christmas Sparrow” 798
      2. “The Sloth” 800
      3. “We Real Cool” 773
        1. Identify the theme of each poem, and identify at least three poetic devices the poet used to create the poem.
  1. Poetry Terms Quiz next class

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