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November 3/6

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  1. Subjects, Verbs, and Complements practice –
    1. Use the following labels: s, av, lv, hv, pn, pa, do, io.
    2. Double-space the sentences.
      1. After lunch, the students grew tired.
      2. Bibbo is helpful to all the students.
      3. Several of the people did watch the beginning of the show.
      4. Copeland gave the students a quiz during the second week of school.
      5. During his speeches, President Obama seems highly intelligent.
      6. Cintron grew tomatoes in his garden.
      7. There were sixty-five questions on the test.
      8. Jonah is a tall and athletic boy.
      9. Kiara fed the horse some oats and molasses.
      10. Behind the church, a group of children play every day.
  2. Homework – (This is available on the Google Classroom!)
    1. Double-space the sentences. Label all subjects, verbs, and complements. (s, hv, lv, av, do, io, pa, pn)
      1. All of the students have given me their homework.
      2. The alarm sounded loud and clear.
      3. The quarterback threw the ball twenty yards.
      4. Baxter will feed his dog a steak every day.
      5. A few of the soldiers are officers.
    2. (Twenty of the words will be labeled.)

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