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October 30/31

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  1. Action and Linking Verbs
    1. Action verbs express a physical or mental action:
      1. shout, jump, run, think, believe, guess
        1. The dog ran to the front yard.
        2. Jones always thinks about money.
      2. Linking verbs connect the subject to a word or word group that identifies or describes the subject:
        1. am, is, was, became, grow, feel, seem
          1. O’Leary is the principal.
          2. Some of the students feel
  2. Class work – Action and Linking Verbs – grow, smell, feel, sound, appear, look, stay, taste, turn, remain
    1. Choose any five of the verbs above, and use each first as a action verb in a sentence, and then use the same verb as an linking verb.
      1. Example:
        1. Wilson grew tomatoes in his garden. Action
        2. The students grew sleepy as they read the story. Linking
      2. Notes on Complements –
        1. Complements complete the meaning of action or linking verbs. They answer “who” or “what” after the verb.
        2. Action Verbs may have direct and indirect objects.
          1. The indirect object will always appear between the verb and the direct object.
            1. Ex/ Becca fed the horse some oats.
            2. I threw him the ball.
          2. A direct object (DO) answers “who” or “what” after the action verb.
          3. An indirect object (IO) answers “to whom” or “to what” after the verb. The IO always appears between the verb and the DO.
    2. Linking verbs may be completed by a predicate nominative or a predicate adjective.
        1. Ex/ Mr. O’Leary is the principal.
        2. Ex/ Mrs. Bibbo seems nice.
        3. A predicate nominative (PN) is a noun or pronoun that identifies the subject.
        4. A predicate adjective (PA) is an adjective that describes the subject.
    3. Subjects, Verbs, and Complements practice – Use the following labels: s, av, lv, hv, pn, pa, do, io.   Double-space the sentences.
  1. After lunch, the students grew tired.
  2. Bibbo is helpful to all the students.
  3. Several of the people did watch the beginning of the show.
  4. Copeland gave the students a quiz during the second week of school.
  5. During his speeches, President Obama seems highly intelligent.
  6. Cintron grew tomatoes in his garden.
  7. There were sixty-five questions on the test.
  8. Jonah is a tall and athletic boy.
  9. Kiara fed the horse some oats and molasses.
  10. Behind the church, a group of children play every day.

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