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October 9/10

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  1. Vocabulary Quiz – See me or Mr. Sood after school if you missed this quiz.
  2. Theme Topics Versus Themes
    1. Themes must …
      1. apply to everyone.
      2. be written in complete sentences.
      3. be written in prose (not metaphors).
      4. connect to the details of the stories.
    2. Theme topics for “Everyday Use”
      1. mothers
      2. daughters
      3. families
      4. poverty
      5. confidence
      6. love
      7. fear
      8. shyness
      9. beauty
      10. education
      11. traditions
      12. heritage
      13. pride
      14. stubbornness
  1. Literary Criticism Pre-write – Today, you will choose one of the following stories to analyze in a five paragraph essay:
    1. “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant”
    2. “Harrison Bergeron”
    3. “To Build a Fire”
      1. Prompt: Explain how readers can determine themes in a story by examining how a main character changes, the conflict is resolved, and the title is significant. Write in a formal voice, and avoid fragments and run-on sentences.
    4. Complete the following outline:
      1. Paragraph One:
        1. List the theme topics of the chosen story. (at least five)
          1. Write the story’s name and author. The story’s title is written in quotes.
          2. Write a sentence to explain how readers can find a theme by examining a character change, the conflict resolution, and the title. (complete sentences)
          3. Write a theme or two you will explain in the essay (complete sentences).
        2. Paragraph Two:
          1. How does the main character change?
          2. State the theme. (complete sentences)
        3. Paragraph Three
          1. How is the conflict resolved?
          2. State the theme (Complete sentences)
        4. Paragraph Four
          1. How is the title significant?
          2. State the theme. (complete sentences)
        5. Paragraph Five
          1. Restate the theme(s) the readers learn from the chosen story. (complete sentences)
          2. How can people benefit from learning the theme(s)? (complete sentences)



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