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October 5/6

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  1. Steps to a Theme Notes
    1. A theme is an insight about life or human nature which gives a story meaning.
    2. Follow these steps for finding a theme:
      1. How does a main character change?
      2. How is the conflict resolved?
      3. What is the significance of the title?
  2. “The Bass” Questions – This is a class work
    1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
      1. Where is the story set? (Specific details!) (10 points)
      2. What is the significance of the title? (10 points)
      3. What is the conflict? (10 points)
      4. When does the climax occur? (10 points)
      5. What part of the plot happens when the narrator cuts the fishing line? (10 points)
      6. What theme does the narrator learn from his experience? (Answer in at least three sentences.)(50 points)
  3. Vocabulary Quiz next class – There will be a quiz on the following vocabulary words from the first three stories:
    1. vigilance – alert attention, watchfulness
    2. wince – to shrink or flinch involuntarily, especially in pain
    3. consternation – confused amazement or fear
    4. cower – to crouch down in fear
    5. synchronize – to match the timing of
    6. neutralize – to counteract or cancel the effect of
    7. furtive – sneaky, secretive
    8. recompose – to restore to clam, to settle again
    9. doctrines – a set of rules, beliefs, or values held by a group
    10. heritage – something passed down through generations, such as tradition, values, property
    11. intangible – unable to be perceived with the senses
    12. conjectural – involving guesswork
    13. apprehension – fear and worry for the future
    14. reiterate – to repeat
    15. smite – to inflict a heavy blow on
    16. imperative – urgently necessary
    17. conflagration – a large destructive fire
    18. peremptorily – in a commanding way that does not allow for refusal or contradiction

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