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September 19/20

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  1. Homework is due
  2. New Fire Drill Rules – If we have a fire drill, we will go out the door and go to the right. We will make another right at the double doors and go out to the front parking lot. We will gather in the grass in front of the school.
  3. Plot Notes –
    1. What is a story’s plot?
      The plot is the sequence of events in the story, from the beginning to the end.

      1. exposition – setting, time frame, characters
      2. conflict – internal and external problems
      3. complications – make the conflicts harder
      4. climax – most interesting point of the conflict or the turning point
      5. resolution – the conflict ends
      6. denouement – the “unraveling” of the story; the result of the conflict
  1. Plot Class work – Each student created a story cartoon. See me for the sheet and instructions.
  2. Parts of Speech practice.
  3. Parts of Speech Test next class!

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