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September 15/18

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  1. Parts of Speech review
  2. Parts of Speech practice
    1. Practice: Double space the sentences and label the verbs (v) and adverbs (adv):
      1. We explained that we wanted to grow a large plant but that our room never has bright sunlight and it can be especially chilly and dark.
      2. “These are seeds of the bo tree, an unusually hardy member of the fig family from India,” said Mrs. Miller.
      3. “There, this tree is sacred to Buddhists because the Buddha received enlightenment under a bo tree.”
      4. When we went back to our house, we planted the seeds.
      5. In a short time, they sprouted, and we now have an unusual household that is suited to our environment.
    2. Parts of Speech notes –
      1. Examples of prepositions:
        about, above, across, around, at, before, behind, beside, by, down, from, in, like, near, of, over, past, under, with
      2. Examples of interjections:
        ah, ouch, ugh, wow, oops, hey, oh
      3. Coordinating conjunctions:
        FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
        Correlative conjunctions:
        both…and/ either…or / neither…nor/ not only…but (also)
        whether ….or
        Subordinating conjunction:
        although, because, before, since, unless, when, while
    3. Parts of Speech class work
      1. Class work: Double-space the sentences, and identify the conjunctions (con), prepositions (prep), and interjections (int) on the lines above the words!
        1. The gym coach emphasized the importance of daily exercise.
        2. Wow! Usain Bolt won the race by two yards!
        3. Marita’s brown dress matches the brown of her eyes.
        4. I waited uneasily in the outer office, and then the principal said, “Sit down!“
        5. The girl said, “Ouch,” when she hit her knee on the desk.
        6. Each dancer improvises steps to the rhythm of the music.
        7. Oops, I forgot to bring some paper and pens
        8. Everyone went to the restaurant, but most did not eat.
        9. Either Mr. Jones or I will teach the class in the courtyard.
        10. We looked around and discovered a small shop around the corner.
        11. Blue is my favorite color, so I ordered a blue sweater.
        12. While I was gardening, I saw a snake under some leaves. Ugh!


  1. HomeworkDouble –space the following sentences and label each word:

    1. When the small monkey and the white cat played outside, they fell in the extremely dirty water!

    2. Wow! Sixty-thousand people visit  Disney World everyday, but the lines usually move very quickly.


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