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September 13/14

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  1. POS Quiz
  2. Verbs and Adverbs Notes
    1. Verbs show action or existence:
      1. Actions can be physical: run, jump, sit, stand,
      2. or they can be mental: think, guess, ponder.
  • A verb can show existence: am, is, are, was, were, been
  1. Helping verbs are usually forms or to be, to do, to have, and modals like would, could, might, must, and should.
    1. I would have run.
    2. He does stand on the corner.
    3. They are pondering the universe.
    4. The students should have been studying last night.
  2. Adverbs describe a verb, an adjective, or an adverb:
    1. He ran quickly.
    2. Today, he ran a race.
    3. She is very
    4. He is almost
    5. He runs more quickly than most.
    6. She drove extremely recklessly.
  3. Verbs and Adverbs practice – Double space the sentences and label the verbs (v) and adverbs (adv):
    1. A couple of months ago, Juana and I finally decided to buy a house plant for the kitchen.
    2. The large ones we saw were too expensive for us.
    3. Suddenly, Juana had a brainstorm.
    4. “Let’s buy some seeds and grow them indoors.”
    5. At the seed store, the owner, Mr. Miller, greeted us cheerfully.
  4. Review Formal Voice Class work – I returned and reviewed the previous class work.

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