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September 7/8

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  1. Homework is due – I collected the flashcards and graded them.
  2. Blog – I discussed the location of this blog. If you miss a class, I expect you to come to this blog for your make-up work.
  3. Written Rules – click here for a sample.
  4. Introduction Questions – On loose-leaf paper, answer the following questions in complete sentences (at least TWO sentences per question). Be sure to answer the question so that I know what the question asked.

1. What is the most interesting place you visited this summer? Describe it.
2. What is the most interesting news you have heard recently? Why?
3. What is your favorite subject? Why?
4. What makes you happy? Why?
5. What is your biggest accomplishment so far? Describe how it made you feel.

                                Write at least TWO complete sentences per question!

5. Parts of Speech Review – In your notes, write the following sentences double spaced and label the nouns and pronouns.

1. The gym coach emphasized the importance of daily exercise.
2. Wow! Usain Bolt won the race by two yards!
3. Marita’s brown dress matches the brown of her eyes.
4. I waited uneasily in the outer office; then, the principal said, “Sit down!“
5. Each dancer improvises steps to the rhythm of the music.

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