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September 5/6

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Welcome to the first class!


  1. Seating Chart – Students assigned their own seats, and we will be using this chart for attendance.
  2. Supply List
    1. A one-inch binder
    2. Standard loose-leaf paper
    3. Several black or dark-blue ink pens
  3. Classroom Expectations
    1. Bring your class materials to every class; please do not expect me or other students to provide them for you!
    2. Homework must be submitted at the beginning of the class.
    3. I will not accept late work unless you provide a written explanation from your parent(s).
    4. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
    5. Use your best judgment when deciding on appropriate language and behavior.
  4. Fire Drill Procedures – Our class will go to the field behind the building by going right at the door and walking around the staircase at the end of the hall. Report to Mr. Bunch in the field.
  5. Parts of Speech Review
    1. Noun – names a person, place, thing, or idea (N)
      Pronoun – takes the place of a noun or another pronoun (Pro)
      Adjective – describes a noun or pronoun (Adj)

      Verb – shows action or existence (V)
      Adverb – describes a verb, adjective, or adverb (Adv)

      Preposition – shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to another word (Prep)
      Conjunction – joins words, phrases, or clauses (Con)
      Interjection – shows emotion only (Int)

    2. We reviewed several sentences to practice identifying various parts of speech.
  6. Homework – Create a flashcard for each of the eight parts of speech. Write the part of speech on one side of the card and write the definition on the back. Study these cards – you need to memorize these definitions!

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