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March 17/20

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  1. Grammar Quiz
  2. Class workNon-fiction Questions
    1. In the Literature book, read Meet the Author, pg. 647, and Abolishing the Penny, pgs. 648 – 650. Also read Meet the Author, pg. 969, and Montgomery Boycott, pgs. 970 – 977.
    2. “Abolishing the Penny”
      1. How much does it cost the United States to mint new pennies every year?
      2. What is the main purpose of this article?
      3. Why would eliminating the penny make most prices go down?
      4. Why do people want to keep the penny as a coin?
      5. Who is the author and why is his opinion important?
    3. “Montgomery Boycott”
      1. Under what two circumstances did African Americans have to stand on buses in Montgomery?
      2. What incident started the bus boycott?
      3. Who is the author, and what role did she play in the boycott?
      4. How successful was the first day of the boycott?
      5. What did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. urge his followers to avoid in his speech at the Holt Street Baptist Church?

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