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February 13/14

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  1. Homework is due
  2. Dramatic Reading Act II
  3. Act II Notes
    1. In Brutus’s soliloquy, to what does he compare Caesar? (2.1.10-34)
    2. What are the three decisions that Brutus makes when he is talking with the conspirators?
    3. Why do the other conspirators want Brutus to be their leader?
    4. What does Caesar say about valiant (brave) people?
    5. What kind of person is Decius?
    6. What omens does Calpurnia describe, and what do they mean?
    7. Who plans to warn Caesar about the plot?
    8. How does Portia feel about the plot?
    9. Why does Caesar agree to stay home?
    10. Why does Caesar change his mind about staying home?
  4. Quiz on Act II next class

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