June 4th, 2019

May 30/31

  1. Novel Test – See me after school on June 4, 5, or 10 to make up this test.
  2. Novel Themes Essay Outline – The outline explanation is in your writing folder.


May 29th, 2019

May 28/29

1.Novel Test next class, including these vocabulary words:

white noise
red herring
third degree
Occam’s razor


2.Novel Themes Group Work – Class work assignment

List ten theme topics for the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. These must be approved by me first.

List five themes developed by your group and approved by me.

May 20th, 2019

May 16 through 24

Testing (8:25 -11:54) Tutoring (11:59-3:10)

May 16 – 1st  block – 2nd block

May 17 – 2nd block – 3rd block

May  20 –3rd block – 4th block

May 21 – 4th block – 5th block

May 22 – 5th block – 6th block

May 23 – 6th block – 7th block

May 24 – 7th block – 1st block

1.Temple Grandin movie – As we watched the movie, students took notes on how Christopher Boone and Temple Grandin are alike and different.

*** If you missed the movie, please read these two websites and complete the assignments:


2.Class work – Christopher and Temple – Complete handout

3.Homework – Christopher and Temple – Use the class work assignment to write a well-developed, one-paragraph essay about the similarities and differences of Christopher and Temple.  The paragraph should start with a good introductory statement about the two people.  The body of the paragraph should contain several examples of similarities and differences.  The paragraph should end with a conclusion sentence or two to summarize the main points and restate your main idea. (eight to ten sentences)

4. The class work and homework are due the next day.

5. Class work – Novel Entry 5 – Pages 177 to 226 – Two notes per page. Only one note for the first and the last pages.

6. We will use the time to make up any missing assignments.

May 15th, 2019

May 14/15

1.Journal Entry 4

2.Read the rest of the novel: Begin Novel Entry 5


Journal Entry #4: Chapters 179-211 (Class work)

  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences (6 points each):
  1. Why did Christopher decide he wanted to live with Mrs. Shears?
  2. How did Christopher decide to live with his mother in London?
  3. Why did Christopher decide he could not be an astronaut?
  4. How did Christopher handle the fear of traveling to London? (hint: it involves a formula)
  5. Why did Christopher become confused while he was looking for the train station?
  6. Why does Christopher not like new places?
  7. Why does Christopher like timetables?
  8. How did Christopher escape from the police officer?
  9. Why does Christopher not believe in God?
  10. Why did Christopher have trouble taking the train to Willesden?
    1. Essay – Explain one major problem Christopher had to solve in this section of the novel. Did Christopher follow all the rules and laws he was expected to follow? Is there ever a time when a person should not follow rules and laws? (20 points)(Write in a formal voice!)
  • Definitions (2 points each)
  1. luminous (126)
  2. negligible (127)
  3. inverse proportion (inverse function) (136)
  4. clarification (143)
  5. approximation (145)
  6. quid (151)
  7. timetable (155)
  8. rucksack (163)
  9. truncheon (163)
  10. mutation (165)

May 14th, 2019

May 10/13

  1. Autism Homework is due
  2. Novel Quiz 3
  3. Begin Journal Entry 4

May 8th, 2019

May 8/9

1.Novel Entry 4 – This is a class work assignment. At least two entries per page, pages 126 to 177. You only need one entry for the first and last page.

2.Return Journal Entry 3

3.Autism Homework Assignment – see me for the handout and explanation if you missed class.

4.Novel Quiz 3 next class

May 6th, 2019

May 6/7

  1. Complete Journal Entry 3
  2. Read pages 126 through 177 (for the online book, read through Chapter 211)


Journal Entry #3: Chapters 149-173 (Class work)


  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in a formal voice (6 points each):
  1. Why did Christopher want to find his book?
  2. Why was Christopher excited when he read the first letter from his mother?
  3. Why did Mr. Boone go out the night Christopher read the other letters?
  4. Why did Mrs. Boone start her affair with Roger Shears?
  5. Why did Mrs. Boone decide to leave Christopher and his father?
  6. How did Christopher react when he realized his mother was still alive?
  7. Why did Mr. Boone lie about his wife’s death?
  8. How are people like computers, according to Christopher?
  9. Why did Mr. Boone kill Wellington?
  10. How did Christopher feel about his father after the truth was revealed?
    1. Essay – Write a well-developed paragraph to explain how Christopher feels about lies and trust. Is it difficult to trust a family member or friend after you discover he or she has lied to you? What would you do if you were in Christopher’s situation? (You may answer this prompt in a first person voice, but do not use the word “you.”)(20 points)
  • Definitions: (2 points each)


  1. dustbin (91)
  2. post (95)
  3. chow (96)
  4. hypothetical (101)
  5. snooker (104)
  6. tether (107)
  7. plaster (108)
  8. giddy (112)
  9. nocturnal (120)
  10. schizophrenic (121)

May 2nd, 2019

May 2/3

1.Novel Quiz 2

2.Begin Journal Entry 3


May 1st, 2019

April 30/May 1

1.Entry 3  – Class work – Pages 90 through 126 – At least two notes per page, except for the first and last pages.

2.Review Journal 2

3.Quiz on Entry 2 on Friday

April 26th, 2019

April 26-29

  1. Complete Journal 2 in groups
  2. Read pages 90 through 126 to prepare for next class.

Journal Entry #2: Chapters 73-139 (Class work)


  1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences (6 points each):
  2. Why did Christopher’s parent argue often?
  3. Why does Christopher think he would be a good astronaut?
  4. What made Christopher decide to continue his book after he promised he would stop?
  5. What did Mrs. Alexander tell Christopher about Mr. Shears?
  6. Why does Christopher enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes?
  7. How does Christopher feel about his mother’s affair with Mr. Shears?
  8. What is unusual about Christopher’s memory? Do you wish you had the same kind of memory? Why or why not?
  9. How does Mr. Boone react when he finds Christopher’s book?
  10. Why does Christopher hate the colors yellow and brown? Is this hatred unusual?
  11. How does Christopher define love?
    1. Connections – Give two examples of events in the novel which connected to your life or prior knowledge. Explain in detail what occurred in each event, how the event connected to your life, and how the connection helped you to understand each event better (10 points each).

Example: Christopher says his favorite book is The Hound of the Baskervilles. He likes the book because he thinks that he and Sherlock Holmes are alike: They both notice small details which help them to solve mysteries. I like to read mystery books like Gone Girl because I can usually solve the mystery before the book ends by paying attention to the details.

  1. Definitions: (2 points each)
  1. claustrophobia (50)
  2. anemic (51)
  3. tartan (54)
  4. dungarees (65)
  5. third degree (66)
  6. roisterers (70)
  7. bog (71)
  8. supernatural (72)
  9. nephritis (84)
  10. Occam’s razor (90)

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