Welcome Letter!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to a new and exciting school year!  I am delighted to have your student in QUEST and look forward to sharing this school year together.  As the Gifted Resource Teacher,  it is my endeavor to create an educational partnership with you and your student that will foster courage, determination, and passion for knowledge.  In addition to this, my commitment as an educator will be to provide your student with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure their academic success with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Students are expected to actively participate in class and complete assignments to the best of their ability, while abiding by school rules at all times. Students and parents may access the Gifted Blog at http://blogs.spsk12.net/spsgifted/  for information on upcoming events, both local and regional, as well as forms and applications for various programs.  

Again, I  look forward to teaching your student and working with you to help your student achieve his/her fullest potential. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you need additional assistance.


 Linda Perry-Clarke

Gifted Resource Teacher 

Mack Benn Elementary School 

Booker T. Washington Elementary School


National Association for the Gifted Convention

November 15-18, 2018

Learn with K-12 and university professionals, parents, advocates, and others who support gifted children
Gain both valuable information and inspiration through 300+ content rich sessions
Visit the Exhibit Hall and learn about leading resources.


TCC Portsmouth Young Explorers Camp

TCC Portsmouth Young Explorers Camp
Explore the worlds of science, nursing, business, technology, literature and creative writing, visual and creative arts, criminal justice, and more.
Location: 120 Campus Drive, Portsmouth, VA
Dates: 7/16/2018 – 7/27/2018
Attenddees: Grades 6-8
Cost: $200
Contact: Emily Richardson, erichardson@tcc.edu

Summer Camps!


Planning for Summer


It’s hard to know how much and what kind of activity your child needs over the summer — scheduled family activities, community camps, academic programs, or residential camps. That can be determined by you and your child, but it is known that children who participate in summer activities, experience learning gains and those who do not, lose some learning gains from the past school year.

There are many considerations when thinking about camps and programs your child might attend.  Here are a few things to consider when looking at camps or programs.

The best camps:

Summer! Now What? Enjoy this sampling of PHP articles.
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Selecting After-School Programs
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Beyond School Walls
Set up your own camp
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Discovering the Next Superstar
  • Are physically and emotionally safe and welcoming places, with adequate staffing
  • Provide a variety of activities –academic, physical, and social – based on a single goal or philosophy.  
  • If academically oriented, provide challenge and allow your child to explore higher-level concepts than they might get during the school year
  • Provide active rather than passive learning experiences that build on your child’s interests
  • Have staff who are trained in the academic and emotional needs of gifted students as well as those from diverse backgrounds.
  • Have trained counselors who can help students who have difficulties finding friends or joining in activities
  • Are flexible enough to meet your child’s academic, athletic, or musical ability without be overwhelming and have an end of session evaluation of progress made with next steps.

Talk with  your child about the following:

  • Is he ready for a residential camp or would he be happier coming home in the evening?
  • Is the camp content interesting?
  • How much structure would make him happiest?


More Resources

Resources for Parents

Parenting for High Potential March Cover

March 2018

  • New “Gifted” Media Provide Springboards for Discussion, Dr. Charles Hyatt
  • Using Environmental Science Investigations to Challenge Gifted Children, Dr. Stephen Schroth
  • Sports that Work for Gifted ChildrenScott Lutostanski
  • How to Discuss Books with Your Kids (Even When You Haven’t Read Them!), Dr. Elissa F. Brown and Michele Joerg
  • Tabletop Games in a Digital World, Dr. Carolyn Ragatz and Zach Ragatz
  • Looking at Media Through a Different Lens, Dr. Sylvia Rimm


February 18-24, 2018 is National Engineers Week! As part of the week-long celebration, the Batten College of Engineering & Technology at Old Dominion University invites you and your female students to:
“Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”
6:00pm-8:00 p.m.
University Theater
47th & Hampton Blvd
Norfolk, Va. 23529
Girls Night Out includes a meet-and-greet with FEMALE ENGINEERING ROLE MODELS and a screening of the movie “DREAM BIG,” a heartfelt story of human ingenuity narrated by Jeff Bridges in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers. Girls also have a chance to win CASH PRIZES by participating in a pre-event ENGINEER SELFIE CONTEST via Instagram (see attached flyer for contest information – also see post below).
Click HERE to register
FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Andrea Luna: asluna@odu.edu
Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Old Dominion University
(757) 683-3789

# What is QUEST?


QUEST is the program for academically gifted students in grades 3-8. Students receive differentiated instruction from the gifted resource teacher and general education teacher throughout the year.  Assignments are provided to stimulate and foster critical thinking and independent research skills.   Students work both individually and in small groups to develop independent learning skills, creative potential, and higher level thinking abilities.