September 14-October 28, 2020

Read the Chapters as noted on our Pacing Chart (click on link below):

1st NW Pacing Chart 2020 Sept. – Nov.

Then, complete the Google Form in Canvas, answering the “Take 5” Questions for each Chapter assigned.  

Also, you will find Power Points and Jeopardy Games on the Resource Page to help you study for each quiz and test.

As always, I am here if you need anything at all!  Just email me and I usually get right back to you if I am not engaged in a Zoom meeting with another student or parent.  My goal is to help you succeed, do your best, and pass- and equally important, have fun at the same time 🙂




Welcome to U.S. History II 1865-Present!

Welcome to 6th grade U.S. History at King’s Fork Middle School!  Get ready for a fun-filled, exciting school year!!!!