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Early Start

Interactive games and activities for children in the pre-school setting.

Multiple Subjects

Hillpoint Portaportal Kaboose Pre-School I4C Mouse Skills

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Early Start English Web Site  Stories Disney Mouse House Jr.    The Farm Animal Story    The Story Place    Learning Planet-One Little Ball    Read Along Nursery Rhymes    Poems       Web Site  Alphabet Lil’ Finger’s ABC’s   Julia’s ABC’s    Learn the ABC’s   Primary Games-The ABC Game    Alphabet Antics  …

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Early Start Math   Web Site  Shapes Shape Cave  Barney Shapes  IXL Toy Shapes  Fisher Price-Colors and Shapes  Harcourt School-Buzzing with Shapes  Fisher Price-Color the Shapes  Mystery Picture  I Spy Shapes  Jayzeebear-Shapes   Web Site  Sorting Scholastic-Nina Loves to Name Things  Little People-What’s Different?    Web Site  Time Learning Planet-Time    Web Site  Counting Chicken …

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Early Start Science Web Site  Body Parts  PBS-Aliens Lecky’s Friends    Web Site  Spatial Awareness  Left, Right, Up, and down  Lecky Compares    Web Site  Animals Bella’s Animal Sounds  Animal Sounds Quiz    Web Site  Colors BBC-Color Room  BBC-Shop of Colors 

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Social Studies

Web Site  Community Fisher Price-Who’s at the Door?  PBS-Build a Neighborhood 

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