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Social Studies

5th Grade History & Social Science
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Skills and Multiple SS Topics 
USI.1 Ben’s Guide to Government 
  Charters of Freedom 
US1.1-US1.10 Free SOL Stuff 
SOL Web Site 
USI.2 Edu Place-Geonet 
  Fact Monster-World Atlas and Map Finder 
  Maps.com-Online Geography Games 
  Interactive Explorer Map 
SOL Web Site 
Exploration to Revolution: Pre-Columbian Times to the 1770’s 
USI.5 History Globe-Jamestown Online Adventure
  Discovery School-Jamestown 
  QUIA-Jamestown Money 
  QUIA-Jamestown Charters 
  QUIA-Women and Africans Arrival 
SOL Web Site 
Revolution and the New Nation: 1770’s to the Early 1800’s 
USI.6 Valley Oak-The Timeline of the Revolution 
  Kidport-The Boston Massacre 
  Mrs. P’s Famous Americans 
  QUIA-American Revolution 
  QUIA-Locke and Jefferson 
  QUIA-Englands Control 
  QUIA-Revolutionary War 
  QUIA-Revolutonary War 
  QUIA-Revolutionary War 
Challenges Faced by the New Nation 
USI.7 QUIA-Constitution and Seperation of Powers 
  QUIA-First Five Presidents Matching
  QUIA-First Five Presidents Listing
SOL Web Site 
Expansion & Reform: 1801-1861 
USI.8 The Alamo
  The Oregon Trail 
  QUIA-Westward Expansion 
SOL Web Site 
Civil War and Reconstruction: 1860’s to 1877 
USI.9 A Nation Divided 
  Richmond National Battlefield 
  Underground Railroad Online Journey