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Social Studies

4th Grade History & Social Science
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Skills and Multiple SS Topics 
VS.1 Ben’s Guide to Government 
All Strands VA Stickman
  Virginia Trekkers
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VS.2 GCPS: Regions of Virginia 
  QUIA-Bordering States 
  QUIA-Regions/Bordering States
  Discovery School-5 Regions
  QUIA-Geographic Regions 
Valley, Ridges, Coastal Plains, Rivers, and Plateaus 
VS.2 Discovery School-Valley and Ridge 
  Discovery School Valley, Ridge, and Plateau 
  Discovery School Virginia’s Product and Industries 
  Discovery School-Coastal Plain 
  50 States 
  Edu Place-Geonet 
  Fact Monster-World Atlas and Map Finder 
  Mr. Nussbuam-13 Colonies 
American Indian Groups 
VS.2 Discovery School-Virginia Indian Language Groups 
  QUIA-Native Americans 
  Powhatan Indian Village 
  Native Tech-Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands 
  National Geographic-America in 1607 
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VS.3 History Globe-Jamestown Online Adventure
  Discovery School-Jamestown 
  QUIA-Jamestown Money 
  QUIA-Jamestown Charters 
  QUIA-Women and Africans Arrival 
The Colonies 
VS.4 Colonial Williamsburg: History for Kids 
  QUIA-Colonial America 
  QUIA-Tobacco and Slavery 
  Discovery School-Economics 
  QUIA-Virginia Jeopardy 
  QUIA-Pre-Revolutionary War 
Revolutionary War 
VS.5 GCPS-Famous Virginian’s 
  Mr. Nussbuam-American Revolution Timeline 
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Political Growth and Western Expansion: 1781-Mid 1800’s 
VS.6 Educational Synthesis 
  QUIA-Jefferson and the Statute for Religious Freedom 
  QUIA-Washington and Madison 
  QUIA-Assemblies and Burgesses 
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Civil War and Post Era Wars 
VS.7 QUIA-Hangman
VS.8 QUIA-Jim Crow 
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Virginia: 1900-Present 
  Discovery School-Products 
  QUIA-Arthur, Byrd, Ashe, & Wilder 
VS.10 QUIA-Government