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3rd Grade Science
SOL Web Site 
Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, & Logic 
3.1d Math is Fun-Metrics 
3.1h Math is Fun-Interactive Thermometer 
SOL Web Site 
Simple Machines 
3.2 Ed Heads 
  On Campus-Stuart Little 
  Simple Machines Quiz 
SOL Web Site 
3.3 BBC Science Splat 
  BBC Solids and Liquids 
  Crick Web-Changing States of Matter 
  BBC-Changing States 
SOL Web Site 
Life Processes 
3.4 On Campus Animals on Defense 
  Free Style 
  Build a Fish 
  Squish the Fish 
  Design a Duck 
  BBC Interdependence and Adaptation 
  BBC Living and Non-Living 
  BBC Habitats 
SOL Web Site 
Living Systems 
3.5 Who Eats Whom? 
  Eco Kids-Chain Reaction 
  QUIA-Food Chain Millionaire Game 
  Harcourt-Food Chains 
  Gould-Food Webs 
3.6 Build a Wetland 
  Swamp Studios 
  On Campus-Biome Basics 
SOL Web Site 
Interrelationsips in Earth/Space Systems 
3.7 The Great Plant Escape 
  Field Museum-Underground Mystery 
  Discovery-Soil Safari 
  Jefferson Lab-Soil 
  Children of the Earth 
  Just for Kids 
  Soil Science Education 
  Soil at Work 
  Soil Pit 
  Soil Net 
SOL Web Site 
Patterns of Natural Events
3.8a Light & Shadows 
  Beacon Center – As the Earth Turns 
  Beacon center-Sunrise Sunset 
  On Campus-Cycles in Nature 
  Harcourt-Phase of the Moon 
Plant and Animal Cycles 
3.8b BBC – Help Plants Grow 
  Just for Kids 
  Kiddy House 
  Harcourt School 
  BBC Plant & Animals in Their Environment 
Water Cycle
3.9 Crickweb – The Water Cycle 
  Water Cycle 
  NASA-Droplet and Water Cycle 
  On Campus-Wonderful World of Water 
  Crick Web-Water Cycle 
  EPA-Water Cycle 
  Earth Guide-Water Cycle 
  Jefferson Lab-Water Cycle