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Social Studies

3rd Grade History & Social Science
SOL Web Site   
Greece and Rome   
3.1 On Campus-Voyage Back in Time   
  Harcourt School-Pompeii   
  Quia-Greece and Rome 1   
  Quia-Greece and Rome 2   
  Quia-Legacy of Rome   
  Quia-Ancient Civilizations   
  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery  
  Fling the Teacher-Rome   
3.2 On Campus -Mission to Mali   
  On Campus-Stuck in Mali   
  Quia-Rome and Mail   
  Quia-Greece, Rome, and Mali   
  Ancient Kindom of Mali  
  Mali Facts  
Exploration of America   
3.3 Enchanted Learning-Explorers   
  Educational Synthesis-Explorers   
  Quia-Rome, Mali, and Explorers   
SOL Web Site   
Maps of Continents  
3.5 Geo Spy   
  Geo Net   
  Sheppard Software   
  Play Kids   
Maps of United States  
3.5 Maps.com  
  Kids Geo   
  Lizard Point Geo Quiz   
  Quiz Hub   
  I Know That   
Map Interpretation   
3.6 Gloucester-Cardinal Directions   
  National Geographic-Map Symbols   
SOL Web Site   
Products and Producers   
3.7 Beacon Center-Business Buddies   
  PBS Kids-How People Make…   
  Econoedlink-Norman Rockwell   
Producers and Consumers   
3.8 Econoedlink Simon Meets a Producer  
SOL Web Site   
  Ben’s Guide to Government   
  Educational Synthesis   
  White House for Kids