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Third Grade


3rd Grade English SOL Web Site Reading Comprehension All Read Aquarium  3.4 Quia BBC Storybear  Poetry 4 Kids  3.5 Aesop’s Fables  Read , Write Think Trading Cards Read, Write, Think-Circle Plots  Read, Write, Think-Compare & Contrast  Read, Write, Think-Bio Cube  3.7 Read, Write, Think Book Covers  Study Zone Dictionary  Alphabetize 3.3 Read, Write, Think 4  …

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3rd Grade Math     SOL Web Site  All Strands    Fun School    Internet 4 Classrooms    AAA Math    A+ Math    Island Trees   IXL   Math Dictionary  SOL Web Site  Place Value  3.1 Place Value Blocks    Jefferson Lab-Place Value Game    Dositey-Mystery   Toon University-Golf 100’s    Toon University-Tank 1000’s  …

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3rd Grade Science     SOL Web Site  Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, & Logic  3.1d Math is Fun-Metrics  3.1h Math is Fun-Interactive Thermometer      SOL Web Site  Simple Machines  3.2 Ed Heads    Mikids   On Campus-Stuart Little    Simple Machines Quiz      SOL Web Site  Matter 3.3 BBC Science Splat    BBC Solids …

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Social Studies

3rd Grade History & Social Science       SOL Web Site    Greece and Rome    3.1 On Campus-Voyage Back in Time      Harcourt School-Pompeii      Quia-Greece and Rome 1      Quia-Greece and Rome 2      Quia-Legacy of Rome      Quia-Ancient Civilizations      Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery …

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