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Quiet Storm Set to March to Nation’s Capitol

Nansemond River High School performing arts program is full of rising stars … and that’s not just an opinion, it’s a fact!
Top honors were won by the group won at this year’s Virginia State Theater Festival. The competition in Reston, Virginia saw the group finish fifth in the state, with 1st place honors in Student Scenic Design, Playwriting and Theater Mask Making. Nansemond River swept the of Playwriting and Theater Mask Making categories, taking all three places. Winners include: Theater Mask Making  1st place,  Jessica Pyne; 2nd place, Katie Taylor; 3rd place, Katie Celeste.  Playwriting: 1st place, Grace Currier and Bekah O’Neill; 2nd place, Corey Riley; 3rd place, Katie Taylor, Jessica Pyne and Noel Hickman.  Senior, Bekah O’Neill, first place winner in Scenic Design, enjoys the technical end of theater. “I love the stress and adrenaline rush I get from running a show … and the joy that comes finishing a show perfectly.” 
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