Driver's Fabulous Fourth Grade

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Social Studies

Race 1 Parent Copy

1.   What bodies of water border Virginia? Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and Potomac River

2.   What states border Virginia? Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee

3.   What is the Fall Line? Natural border that separates the Eastern Shore from the mainland of Virginia where waterfalls prevent further travel along the rivers

4. What describes relative location? Next to, near, or bordering

5.   What are the five regions of Virginia? Appalachian Plateau, Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, and Valley and Ridge

6.   Which is a feature of the Coastal Plain? Flat land

7.    Which is a feature of the Piedmont Region? Rolling hills

8.   How can the Blue Ridge Mountains be described? Old, rounded mountains

9.    Which region includes the Great Valley of Virginia? Valley and Ridge

10.        Which 3 regions are part of the Appalachian Mountain Systems? Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachian Plateau, and the Valley and Ridge

11.        Which region is located near the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay including the Eastern Shore? Coastal Plain

12.        Which of the following describes the Appalachian Plateau? Elevated land that is flat on top

13.        Which region is west of the Fall Line and east of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Piedmont

14.        Which describes the Appalachian Plateau? Located in southwest Virginia, only a small portion of the plateau is located there

15. Which region is located between the Piedmont and the Valley and Ridge? Blue Ridge Mountains

16. Which region is west of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Valley and Ridge

17.        Which is a true statement about the location of the Appalachian Plateau? It is in Southwest Virginia.

18.        Which of the following is the definition of the peninsula? Piece of land with water on three sides

19.        Which is a characteristic of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Old rounded mountains, source of many rivers

20.        Which city is located along the Potomac River? Alexandria

21.        Which is the definition of the word Piedmont? Land at the foot of the mountains

22.        Which of the following is true about the Atlantic Ocean? Provided transportation links to areas beyond Virginia

23.        Which word below means a land mass that is elevated and flat on top? plateau

24.        What body of water provided a safe harbor? Chesapeake Bay

25.        Name the four major rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay and are separated by peninsulas? Potomac, Rappahannock, James, and York

26.        Which river is Fredericksburg located along? Rappahannock

27.        Which is a true statement about the Fall Line? Separates the Coastal Plain from Piedmont, Cities developed along it

28.        What body of water separates the Eastern Shore from Virginia? Chesapeake Bay

29. What two important Virginia cities are located along the James River? Jamestown and Richmond

30.  What region is east of the Valley and Ridge region? Blue Ridge Mountains


Race 2 Parent copy

Questions 1 -10; not in order

  1. Which body of water was a source of food and transportation?

Chesapeake Bay

  1. Yorktownis located along which river?


  1. Each river was a source of food and provided a pathway for ____ and _____ ofVirginia.

Exploration, settlement

  1. The Eastern Shore is a ____ bordered by the Chesapeake Bay to the west and theAtlantic Oceanto the east.


  1. Who were the first people to live inVirginia?

American Indians

6. Christopher Columbus called the people he found in the lands he discovered “Indians” because he thought he was in the _____ (near China).    Indies

7.  What evidence is there that American Indians lived in all areas of the state?     Artifacts

8. Name three artifacts found in the state ofVirginia.

 Pottery, tools, arrowheads

9. Name the three major language groups found inVirginia.

Iroquoian, Siouan, Algonquian

10.The _____ were a member of the Algonquian language group.


11. What was spoken in Southwestern Virginia and in Southern Virginia near what is today North Carolina?     Iroquoian

12. Which language was spoken primarily in the Piedmont region?


13. Which language was spoken primarily in the Tidewater region?


14. The Cherokee were part of this language group?   Iroquoian

15. The _____ inVirginiais relatively mild with distinct seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter –  resulting in a variety of vegetation.


16.   In _______, the American Indians fished and picked berries.



17.    In winter the American Indians hunted ______ and _______.

 Birds and Animals

18.   The kinds of food American Indians ate, the clothing they wore and the shelters they had, depended upon the ______.


19.    Virginia’s Indians are referred to as _____ _____ Indians.

Eastern Woodland

20. _______which have a variety of trees, cover most of the land in Virginia.     Forests

21. In _____, the American Indians grew crops such as beans, corn, and squash.   Summer

22. In fall, the American Indians ____ _____.   Harvested Crops

23. What are the characteristics ofVirginia’s climate?

Relatively mild with distinct seasons

24. What did the American Indians use for clothing?

Animal skins, mostly deerskin

25. In what year was the first permanent English settlement in Americafounded?    1607

26. What did Englandhope to find in America?   Gold and Silver

27. Jamestownwas primarily an _____ venture.    Economic

28. What did the American Indians use for shelter?

Materials around them

29. Englandwanted to establish an American colony to increase her  ______ and _____.    Wealth and power

30.  An American settlement would furnish  ___ ___ that could not be grown or obtained inEngland, while opening new markets for trade.

Raw materials (natural resources)

31. Who financed the settlement ofJamestown?

The stockholders of the Virginia Company of London


 Race 3 VS 3 Parent copy

1 – 10; not in order

1. The King ofEnglandgranted charters to the  ____________.

Virginia Company of London

2. Another reasonJamestown was chosen for settlement was the water along the shore was deep enough for _____ to dock.


3. TodayJamestownis located on an ______ in theJames River.


4. What influenced the decision to settle atJamestown?

Location and Physical characteristics

5. What became the first permanent English settlement in North Americain 1607?     Jamestown

6. When the settlers arrived in 1607,Jamestown was located on a narrow peninsula bordered on three sides by the  _______.

James River

7. One of the reasonsJamestownwas chosen for settlement was the location could be easily defended from attack by the _______.


8. The charters extended _______ to the colonists.

 English Rights

9. The first charter of the Virginia Company ofLondonestablished companies to begin _____ in theNew World.


10.  The charters from the King gave the Virginia Company the right to establish a _____ in North America.        Settlement

11 – 20; not in order

11. AsJamestowngrew, the system of ____evolved.


12. The governor of Virginia called a meeting of the Virginia Assembly in which year?       1619

13.  What did they call citizen representatives sent to the Virginia Assembly?     Burgesses

14. Who were considered citizens in 1619?   

Adult men with money and land

15. By the 1640s, the burgesses became a separate legislative body called the _______________.    House of Burgesses

16. In what year did women arrive in Jamestown?   1620

17. What legislative body gave the settlers the opportunity to control their own government?    House of Burgesses

18. The House of Burgesses later became the _______of Virginia, which continues to this day.    General Assembly

19.  What was the first elected legislative body inAmericacalled?

House of Burgesses

20. Which assembly in 1619 included two citizen representatives from each of the divisions of Virginia, the governor’s council, and the governor? 

Virginia Assembly

21 – 31; not in order

21. It is believed that Africans arrived as baptized Christians and therefore were labeled __________ for a period of 5 to 7 years.

Indentured servants

22.  Who arrived in Jamestownagainst their will?   African Slaves

23. Name two things that impacted theJamestownsettlement with the arrival of women.

     1. Settlers could establish families

    2. Jamestown became a more permanent settlement

24. The arrival of Africans made it possible to expand which economy?


25. Another reasonJamestownwas chosen for the settlement was they believed they had a good supply of fresh ______.


26. Name three reasons why the settlers chose the site atJamestown.

          1. Easily defended from attack

       2. Water deep enough for ships to dock

       3. Good supply of fresh water

27. The English colonists found life in Jamestown____ than they had expected.         Harder

28. The settlers lacked some skills so they could not _____ for themselves.


29. Many settlers died of ______ and ______.

Starvation and disease

30. The site they chose to live on was ______ and lacked safe _____.

Marshy and drinking water

31. The King ofEnglandhad the power to grant _____ allowing settlement inNorth America.