Driver's Fabulous Fourth Grade

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4.1 Scientific Investigation

  1. An observation is what you see, feel, taste, hear, or smell. 
  2. An inference is a tentative explanation based on background knowledge and available data.
  3. A scientific prediction tells what may happen in some future situtation. It is based on the application of scientific principles and factual information.
  4. A conclusion is a summary statement based on the results of an investigation.
  5. An independent variable is the factor in an experiment that is altered (changed) by the experimenter.  The idenpendent variable is purposely changed or manipulated.
  6. A dependent variable is the factor in an experiment that changes as a result of the manipulation of the independent variable.
  7. The constants in an experiment are those things that are purposefully not changed and remain the same throughout the experiment.
  8. There are two types of dat – qualitative and quantative
  9. Qualitative data deal with descriptions and data that can be observed, but not measured. 
  10. Quantative data are data that can be counted or measured and the results can be recorded using numbers.