China SOLs 2.1 & 2.4 Social Studies

Ancient: Long, long ago
Architecture: the design of buildings
Contribution: The act of giving or doing something
The student will be able to locate China on the continent of Asia.

Contributions of Ancient China

Written Language Characters, symbols




Some Inventions




  • Kite – used to scare enemies and entertain family
  • Silk cloth
  • Compass
  • Bronze – made from a mixture of tin and copper together
  • Fireworks – used to scare away evil spirits 
Architecture:  Great Wall – built for protection from enemies
Climate Seasons, all kinds of weather





  • Forests
  • Hills
  • Mountains
  • Deserts – (Gobi Desert is cold)
Plant Life Great Variety of plant life
Climate:  The kind of weather an area has over a long period of time
Land:  The shape of the land’s (earth’s) surface
Environment: Surroundings
Ways the Chinese adapted to their environment: the ancient Chinese fished, farmed, and irrigated the land.

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