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Both parent and school staff want your child to succeed academically and have the best possible learning environment. In order to refer your child for special services, Forest Glen will start your child with the following continuum:

1.) SOS plan (Strategies of Success) – An academic plan where a team of teachers, an administrator, SOS coordinator and other education professionals will map out individual strategies for your child’s success in the classroom.

2.) 504 Plan-A student plan will be generated by a team which consist of teachers, an administrator, school nurse, guidance counselor, 504 coordinator and parent to assess which classroom accommodations are necessary based on qualifying conditions. *A 504 plan is not automatically viable for a student. Student may or may not qualify.

3.) IEP (Individual Education Plan)-After a student has been granted a SOS plan or a 504, a student can be referred to Child Study team for an IEP. The Child Study process can be lengthy and Child Study team consists of teachers, the school compliance specialist, an administrator, school social worker, the educational diagnostician and parents.

*Like the 504 plan, a child study meeting or IEP is not automatic. Student must be found eligible by the Child study team.

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