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Promotion Policy

Promotion policy states that students who desire to be promoted to the next grade level, must demonstrate (1) successful completion of the four core subjects AND (2) demonstrate mastery of Standards of Learning assessments in English and Mathematics.

CORE SUBJECTS include: Math, English, US History or Civics and Science. The minimum passing grade for all core classes is a “D”.

SOL MASTERY – there are 3 ways for students to obtain SOL mastery in Math and English:

1.) Earn an 80% or higher on 80% of the objectives on the local assessments in the subjects of English and mathematics. *(Not applicable to Algebra I) {These tests are also called A, B, or C assessments taken by SOL strand.}

2.) Earn an average of 70% or higher on the local midpoint tests and nine week tests in the subjects of English and mathematics.

3.) Pass with a score of 400 or higher on the end of course VA Standards of Learning assessments in English and mathematics. {SOL tests in May}


***Please be reminded that policy also states that students who miss in excess of twenty (20) unexcused days in a school year will be retained.  Final promotion decisions are finalized in June.

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