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Parental Tips


In the beginning of the school year, we as parents are so optimistic and hopeful for our children to have a successful year. We want to maintain the same educational integrity and communication between parents and the school throughout the school year. Here are a few tips to help our parents encourage our students starting from day one:

1.) Read the Student Handbook.

2.) Introduce yourself to your child(ren)’s teachers. Then keep the lines of communication open. Don’t always expect the teacher to contact you.

3.) Don’t just ask your child if they have homework, but rather sit down with them to make sure they actually do the homework. Completion of homework is literally ‘practice’  and is vital to a child’s long term memory and ability to recall for testing.

4.) Get involved with your child’s school activities. When students have the physical support of their parents, they tend to do perform better in both academics and extra-curricular activities.

5.) Continue to challenge your children when they are not able to attend school. Make-up work is vital to keeping a child on track in the classroom. And asking teachers for make-up work is essential to a students’ success in the class. During breaks and even on weekends, a child can read or refresh their brains by reviewing their classroom notes and study guides.

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