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FGMS Guidance News


August-Student Orientation-This is a great opportunity to meet Mrs. Rice and your other teachers.

September/October-PTA Open House, PSAT test, Classroom guidance about ‘Reasons to See the Counselor’, Confidentiality, Intro to Bullying

November-Classroom Guidance about Career Plans and Harassment/Bullying

December-SOL Prep for History /Civics courses

January-SOLs/MAP Testing/Mid-Term Testing/Mock Writing Test

February– District Career Fair/Guidance about ‘Student Progress’ and promotion.

March-Career Day/8th Grade SOL Writing Test MARCH 24TH & 25TH/9th Grade Scheduling

April-Classroom Guidance Sessions/Upward Bound Visit

May-SOLS/Elementary Visit

June-End of Year Tasks


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