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The door has opened for ALL middle school students to begin earning their REQUIRED 50 Community Services Hours towards High School graduation. Yes, 6th through 8th grade, students are now allowed to earn community service hours!


A few tidbits for students before they begin accruing Community Service Hours:

1.) Students need to get their volunteer site/agency pre-approved by their prospective onsite supervisor, parent and guidance counselor.  Community Service Parent Consent Form must be completed before starting hours.

2.) The Community Service Verification Form must be completed for EACH volunteer site/agency that a student chooses to use for volunteer hours. All information on this form must be complete before it is turned into the guidance counselor. A minimum of 50 hours need to be completed in order to count towards high school graduation requirement.

3.) The Reflection on my Community Service Experience must be completed by every student at the end of obtaining the COMPLETE 50 hours or more volunteer/community hours period.

4.) The school will do their best to track each student’s community service hours; however, students and parents are HIGHLY encouraged to keep a ‘backup’ copy of all community service hours that are earned by the student. In the event, a student moves or records become displaced, the student will still have his/her information.

5.) Once a month, Mrs. Rice will input volunteer verification forms to enter into the students’ profile. Parents, please feel free to submit your child’s completed paperwork at any time. For specific questions about Community Service Hours, please click here to access the most recent copy of the Community Service Hour Handbook.

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