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Homework for the week of 11-13- 17-17

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AR- Read for twenty minutes and write a short summary of what you read. (Turn in four summaries every Friday) The work  must be in a notebook or folder.
MON- Direction: Place the events in Chronological order. (Which event happen first?)
• Plymouth Colony Massachusetts-1620
• Savannah, Georgia-1733
• Jamestown Settlement, Virginia-1607
• Pennsylvania-1681
• Massachusetts Bay Colony- Massachusetts-1630
Tues-Thursday-Student your Essential Knowledge. US1.5a:
Why did Europeans establish colonies in North America?
AM&PM Classes-Writing– AR Summaries

Writing-Homeroom Class only
Add quotation marks to each sentence. Write the new sentences.
1. Let’s listen to some music, Franklin suggested.1 & 2 due Tues.
2. How are your CDs organized? he asked.
3. Organized? What do you mean? I replied. 3 & 4 due Wed.
4. Are they in alphabetical order? Franklin inquired.
5. They aren’t in any order at all! I admitted. 5 & 6 due Fri.
6. What is your name? asked the girl.

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