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Homework for the week of 10-23-27-17

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Wednesday – Reading Benchmark Test

Mon-Thurs-Read an AR book of your choice for twenty minutes, write a short summary on what you read. Parents must sign summaries.

This will indicate that the parents are monitoring their child or children’s reading habits each night.

History- The students will use their Essential Knowledge to study the

The student will demonstrate knowledge of European explorations in North America and West Africa by

  1. c) Identifying the location and describing the characteristics of West African societies (Ghana, Mali, and Songhai) and their interactions with traders.

A graded assignment will be given on Friday (quiz)

Homeroom students’ only-Writing except for the summaries

Tuesday- 10 question MC test

Mon-Thurs-AR- Summaries from a book of your choice, with a parent signature

Friday-Turn your 4 summaries in every Friday, with a parent signature

Friday– Test on subjects and predicates

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