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Homework for the week of 10-2-6-17

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Mon-Thurs-Read an AR book of your choice for twenty minutes, write a short summary on what you read. Parents must sign summaries.

This will indicate that the parents are monitoring their child or children’s reading habits each night.

Mon- TSW complete drawing A Conclusion worksheet (What is It?), due on Tuesday


The student will continue to study!: US1.3 a

a) Describing how archaeologists have recovered material evidence of ancient settlements, including Cactus Hill in Virginia.

The students will study US 1.3:

b) Locating where the American Indians lived, with emphasis on the Arctic (Inuit), Northwest (Kwakiutl), Plains (Lakota), Southwest (Pueblo), and Eastern Woodlands (Iroquois)

c) Describing how the American Indians used the resources in their environment.

 Thursday: Map Quiz on the America Indians  

Friday: Fill in the blank Test on the America Indians and their resources 

Homeroom students only-Writing

Mon-Thurs-AR- Summaries from a book of your choice, with a parent signature

Mon-The students will complete, Persuasive Word in their  Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook, Page.382, due on Tuesday

Friday-Turn your 4 summaries in every Friday, with a parent signature

Friday– Editing quiz

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