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Homework for the week of 11-28-12-2- 2016

Homework for the week of 11-28-12-2- 2016

Reading-Mon-Fri-AR Reading with four summaries, due on Friday.

History- Study Essential Knowledge-

US1.6- a)  identifying the issues of dissatisfaction that led to the American Revolution.

 Fill in the blank quiz on Thursday

Writing- AR summaries

Thursday – Editing quiz

Homework for the Week of November-18-2016


Mon-Fri-AR-reading-4 summaries

Tues- Test Prep Booklet-Workbook pages- correct page  number was given on Tue  -due Wed

Thurs-Test Prep Booklet-Workbook pages-169-172 -due Fri


Study US 1.5b) describing life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies, with emphasis on how
people interacted with their environment to produce goods and services, including examples of
specialization and interdependence


4 Summaries due on Friday

Homework for the week of 11-07-2017


Study US1.5a-Describing the religious and economic events and conditions that led to the Colonization of America.

This skill will be carried on for  next weeks lesson, due to testing


Ar reading each with a short summary, signed by a parent,due on Thursday.


AR summaries only