Homework for the week of 10-17-21-2016

Homework for the week of 10-17-21-2016


Mon-Thursday- AR Reading, turn in summaries on Friday.

Mon-complete workbook page 233(Words with Schwa), in your Reader’s Writer’s Notebook

Tuesday-Complete workbook pages.89-90, checked on Wednesday (Test Prep Booklet)

Wednesday-Complete workbook pages.91-92, checked on Thursday (Test Prep Booklet)


Read textbook pages,32-33. Summarize each page in your notebook. Summaries will be checked on Tuesday.

Mon-Thursday, continue to study US1.3b

Friday- Graded assignment onUS1.3b Friday


4 AR summaries, due on Friday

Monday-Homeroom class only- Complete in your Reader’s Writer’s Notebook, page 177 (Editing 2), due on Tuesday.


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