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Homework for the Week of September 19th-23rd-2016

Homework for the Week of September 19th-23rd-2016


Mon-Thurs-AR Reading with Summaries, Turned in every Friday morning.

TSW Read and complete each day a Daily Review lesson from worksheet given. It will be checked on Friday.


Mon-Thurs-Study the Eight Geographic Regions of North America

Tues-The students will complete matching cards for each Eight Geographic Regions and its Characteristics, due on Wednesday.

Thurs- Map quiz on the Eight Geographic Regions

Friday-Test- Fill in the blank test


4 AR summaries due on Friday



Additional INFO for Sept12th ,22 & Oct4th

Sept.12th Library Classes begin

Sept.22nd-Kick-off assembly for our Fall Fundraiser at 9:40 a.m.

Oct.4th -Open House / State of the School Presentation-6:30

Homework for the week of Sept.12th-16th-2016

Mrs. Harris’ Homework for the week of September 12th-16th

Continue to Study! Study! Study! each night.


Mon-Fri-20 Mins. AR reading -Mon-Thursday, with a short summary.

Each Student from both classes, should turn in all 4 summaries every Friday morning, before classes start.

Monday-Compression workbook -VA SOL Test Prep Booklet, TSW complete pages,1-4. Due on Tuesday

Tuesday-Reading MAP Test

Wed-Math MAP Test


Mon-Quiz on US1.2a Continents & Oceans-Parents were notify, Phone.

Friday-Test on US1.2a Continents & Oceans-Parents were notify.

Monday-Begin studying US1.2b Eight Geographic regions

Friday quiz- Eight Geographic regions


AR -summaries-(4), due on Friday, Both Classes

Monday-Homeroom Class only- Complete, Possessive Worksheet, due on Tuesday


Homework for the week of September 6-9-2015


September 06-09-2016


AM & PM Students

 Return Information folder back

20 minutes of AR Reading every night


AM & PM Students- Tuesday-Friday

Read Textbook pages 6 & 7 (Why Does the Past Matter)

US1.2a – Study your Essential Knowledge pages from your notebook.  Quiz on Monday, Sept.12th.Test on Friday, Sept 16th, on the Continents and Oceans


Homeroom Students only

 Read an AR book, if you have one at home. Write a short summary  in your note book, Turn in your AR summary  notebook every Friday.