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Welcome to a brand new school year 2016-17

Welcome to a brand new school year! I am looking forward to this new journey that we are adventuring into.  It is imperative that the students stay focused, and be prepared to put their best foot forward each day. There is a great amount of information that we will be covering in each subject.

Starting the second week of school, the students will be taking quizzes and tests. This information will also be on my weekly homework BLOG  along with websites that will reinforce what they have learned. Please  review and work on what we are covering each day.

The students will change classes on the second day of school. Ms. Yohe and I, will team teach and split the academic schedule. We will each teach our own homeroom class for Writing. I will teach, Reading, History, and Writing. Ms. Yohe, will teach Math, Science and Writing.

Below, you will find our class schedule for this new school year; Homeroom classes will change everyday after announcements.

9:35-10:15- History-Grd 1

10:15-11:45 -Reading-Grd 1

11:40-Prepare to change classes

11:45-12:15-History- Grd 2

12:15-1:45-Reading – Grd 2


2:10-2:20-History-Grd 2




Once again, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your child or children.

We have an open door policy, please feel free to contact us at anytime with your concerns or questions.

Mrs. Harris