Welcome to a new QUEST year!

So excited to be starting another great year in QUEST!  Please review the letter that was attached to the email and let me know if you have any questions :)

Hope to see y’all soon!  Don’t forget the PTA Open House on Tuesday, October 4th :)

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Hour of Code

This week in QUEST, students were exposed to computer programming.  They really enjoyed being challenged and look forward to sharing some of their knowledge next week with their core classes, as every student at Driver will take part in the “Hour of Code” computer science initiative next week.  Feel free to stop in during your child’s computer lab time and try it for yourself :)

3 QUEST Computer Coding December4 QUEST Computer Coding December 24 QUEST Computer Coding December 34 QUEST Computer Coding December

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Workin’ Hard!

QUEST students grades 3 – 5 have been hard at work!  Fourth and fifth grades have just finished learning about 3 famous scientists and testing their theories on force, motion, and energy.  Third grade students have been begun their first STEM challenge and are working diligently to create a gingerbread man trap!  Check out the pics…

QUEST 4 Eureka Stations 2 November QUEST 4 Eureka Stations 3 November QUEST 4 Eureka Stations November QUEST 5 Eureka Stations November

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Hope to see y’all this Wednesday at PT Conferences :)  No need to make an appointment with me…just stop on in for a visit to see your child’s folder and progress in QUEST :)

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Off and Running! :)

We’ve had a great start to our QUEST year!  So far, 4th and 5th grades have completed their “What’s on our QUEST minds?” collages (silhouettes) and begun researching their vocabulary words associated with force, motion, and energy.

Third grade QUEST students completed a preassessment (not so much fun) and we have begun talking and taking notes about our different ways of thinking.  We will continue with this over the next few weeks by completing various activities that show how our brain uses convergent, divergent, visual, and evaluative thinking.  Check out the pics below!

3 QUEST  October Types of Thinking Note-Taking 4 QUEST October Vocabulary Research 4 QUEST September Silhouettes 5 QUEST October Vocabulary Research

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Welcome back Driver QUEST students and parents :)

I’m so excited to be starting another year, and I hope you are, too!  We have lots of interesting and challenging tasks ahead of us, so I hope you’re ready :)

Don’t forget PTA Open House will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 29th.  Stop in if you have any questions or need clarification on anything.  Hope to see y’all there :)

Keep checking the blog for class updates!

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Last STEM Challenges

Just finished up our last challenges…3rd grade = boat building, 4th and 5th grades = catapult building.  Check out the pics below :)

Don’t forget about the Gifted Fair on Monday, May 18th from 6:00 – 7:30 at KFMS.  Come see what elementary and middle school QUEST has been up to this year! :)

QUEST 3 Boat Making 1 QUEST 3 Boat Making 2 QUEST 3 Boat Making 3 QUEST 3 Boat Testing 1 QUEST 3 Boat Testing 2 QUEST 4 Catapult Construction 2 QUEST 4 Catapult Construction 3 QUEST 4 Catapult Construction 4 QUEST 4 Catapult Construction QUEST 5 Catapult Launch 1 QUEST 5 Catapult Launch 2





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Hello all :)

We have been working hard in QUEST on our engineering challenges!  Check out the pics below:

QUEST 3 Index Card Designs 1 QUEST 3 index card structures 1 QUEST 3 index card structures 2 QUEST 3 index card structures test QUEST 4 Bridge Building 1 QUEST 4 Bridge Building 2 QUEST 5 Bridge Measurements QUEST 5 Bridge Research

QUEST 3 has just finished their Index Card Challenge.  Some of the groups were able to stack as many as 19 dictionaries on top of their structure!  The challenge was only to build a structure that would hold 2….WOW! :)

QUEST 4 and 5 has completed the research and design phases of their Bridge Challenge. Over the next couple of weeks, they will build, test, and revise their bridges.

If you’re interested, UVA is accepting applications for their summer enrichment program.  Applications for the program are due February 15th, 2015, by midnight. Students should ideally apply online through our website at http://curry.virginia.edu/sep , though print/paper applications are also accepted. Tuition for the Summer 2015 is $1300 with a $25 application fee. Financial aid is available based on need. The financial id form should be submitted no later than March 1st , 2015.







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Gingerbread Man Trap!!!

We have moved on to our next challenge…just in time for the holidays!  The students have been tasked with creating a trap that will catch and hold that tasty gingerbread man that keeps trying to run away! :)  A new twist to this challenge is that students will have to “purchase” all of the supplies they utilize to build the trap.  Their price limit to spend at the QUEST supply store in $5.00.

Students completed their brainstorms and most of their designs this week, so next week students will “purchase” their supplies and actually construct their traps.  If time allows, students will demonstrate their traps for the rest of the class.

More updates and pictures to come…stay tuned! :)

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STEM Challenge #3 – Marshmallow Towers

Students were able to construct their towers this week.  Check out the pictures below:

QUEST 4 Marshmallow Towers 1 QUEST 4 Marshmallow Towers 2 QUEST 4 Marshmallow Towers 3 QUEST 4 Marshmallow Towers 4 QUEST 5 Marshmallow Towers 1 QUEST 5 Marshmallow Towers 2 QUEST 5 Marshmallow Towers 4 QUEST 5 Marshmallow Towers 5 QUEST 5 Marshmallow Towers 6

Students have learned a lot from this challenge (see last week’s post), but there’s still room for growth.  We will spend time this week reviewing our designs and adjusting them to account for what didn’t work the first time around.  Then, we will reconstruct our new towers based on our new (and better) designs.

Come by on Parent/Teacher Conference Day to check things out!  :)


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