3rd Nine Weeks

Important Information!


Welcome to my 3rd grade classroom! This is my 16th year teaching third grade at Nansemond Parkway.

3 Facts About Me

I have taught 17 years.

I have a B.S. in Accounting and a Master’s in Elementary Education.

I have 2 children, 17 yo girl and 10 yo boy.

To Contact me

 By Phone: During School hours

(757) 923-4167

By Email: Anytime


In Person: Call or email to set up an appointment.

Blog: http://blogs.spsk12.net/2314/

Email List

 There are many times throughout the year that I will send out information via email.  This includes reviews that I use in class or reminders of tests/other events.  Please make sure the office has the correct email so that you will be included in the weekly parent email list

Open Door Policy

 Although I have no problem with parents stopping by to help in the classroom, it would be helpful If you contact me first.  This way I can let you know if it is a good time, as some days we have testing or other activities that may not necessarily be in the classroom.


 Grades will be kept up in the computer and Home Access Center will be a great way to keep track of your child’s grades.  Please contact the office if you need assistance in setting up HAC.

Reinforcing Use of Strategies

 It is our grade level policy that students are required to use strategies taught in both math and reading.  On classwork, homework, and quizzes students will have 5 points deducted for not using strategies.  On a test, an additional quiz grade will be taken on the student’s use of strategies.

HW Policy

 All students are expected to complete homework nightly.  Homework counts as 5% of your child’s grade.  Word Study and HW sheet will be assigned on Monday and collected on Fridays. Any other homework will be checked the next day.

Nightly Reading

Students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes each night.  Reading each night will help to increase fluency and vocabulary knowledge.

Weekly Word Study Homework

 Monday-  practice sorting cards, write sort in notebook

Tuesday- Choose 10 words and put in alphabetical order

Wednesday- Choose 5 words and make into 5 “third grade” sentences.

Thursday- Take a practice quiz, sort and spelling count, get signed

Daily Schedule

S. Studies 9:25-9:55

Math                  9:55-10:55

***Switch with Team Teacher***

Reading             10:55- 12:20

Lunch                 12:20-12:50

Resource           1:00-1:45

Recess                1:50-2:10

Writing              2:15-3:05

***Switch Back to Homeroom***

Science              3:05-3:45

DEAR*/Dismissal Prep  3:45-3:50

*DEAR:  Drop Everything And Read*

Resource Schedule

 Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Media

Thursday: Computer Lab

Friday: P.E.

Please make sure students bring library books on Wednesday.  Students will not be able to check out new books if they are overdue.

Supply List

24 pkg. of crayons/colored pencils

12 pencils (No. 2)

1 package of loose leaf paper

3 Pocket folders (Green, red, yellow) 12 glue sticks

7 composition notebooks- any color

Pencil bag


Dry erase markers

Index cards

Multi-colored construction paper Highlighters

3 boxes of tissues

Ziploc bags: gallon/ sandwich sizes

Ear buds/headphones

Team Teaching

This year third grade is adopting the team teaching schedule. Your child will have two content teachers this year. Ms. Ritch will teach Reading and Writing and Mrs. Herndon will teacher Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Weekly Communication Folder

The students have a green folder that will go home every day.  This folder will have graded assignments as well as any fliers that need to be handed out.  The folders should come to school every day. Please check it every day. Return the papers that are on the left and keep the ones on the right.  Also, please sign and return all papers with a score of 69 and below.


 This is the year students will start memorizing their multiplication facts.  In the second nine weeks students will be completing timed quizzes to show mastery of the facts.  It is a good idea to have students start studying these facts! Please let me know if you need resources to help.

AR Reward System

 In addition to the school’s incentive for taking AR tests, students will be able to receive classroom rewards for taking (and passing with 80%) AR tests on their level. More details to come later in the nine weeks.

Benchmark and Other Testing Dates

You will be made aware of benchmark and other testing dates as soon as I am notified of the day.  I will send these dates out in my weekly email and also post them on my blog.

Resources to Use at Home

 Students will receive login information for the following websites.  IXL, Study Island, and Reading Eggs.  We use these resources in class and students are more than welcome to continue the use at home if they have access.

Behavior Management

Class Dojo will be our behavior management system.  Students will be awarded positive points for following rules and negative points for breaking the rules. In this system students are able to earn points individually or as a team.  With points students will also have the chance to earn rewards to be used in the classroom.  An additional information sheet will be sent home so that you can enroll in the program as a parent to be notified (by email or phone) of students gaining and losing points.

Subject Outlook

Social Studies:  3.9 The student will recognize that because people and regions cannot produce everything they want, they specialize in what they do best and trade for the rest. (Greece, Rome, Mali)

Math:  3.9  The student will a) tell time to the nearest minute, using analog and digital clocks; b) solve practical problems related to elapsed time in one-hour increments within a 12-hour period; and c)identify equivalent periods of time and solve practical problems related to equivalent periods of time.

Science:  3.5 The student will investigate and understand that aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems support a diversity of organisms. a) ecosystems are made of living and nonliving components of the environment; and b) relationships exist among organisms in an ecosystem. 


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