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Friday, April 24

TEST – Measures of Center, Measurement, Circle Graphs – Thursday, April 30
Released Test – Friday, May 1
Math SOL May 14, 2015

Thursday, April 23

Study for Bell Ringer Quiz and Customary System Conversions
MATH SOL – Friday 5/15

Wednesday, April 22

Block 1 – Complete INBp13 Bell Quiz Fri and U S Customary Quiz Friday
Block 2 – Bell Quiz Fri and U S Customary Quiz Friday
Block 3 – Complete INBp 11 and 12 – Bell Quiz & Customary Quiz Friday

Tuesday, April 21

Block 1 – Review Stairway Conversions and Metric System – Quiz (Fri)
Block 2- Complete INBp14 – Quiz Fri Bell Ringer (Daily)
Block 3 – Metric and U S Customary Quiz Fri – Bell Ringer (Daily)

Monday, April 20

Study Staircases, Metric System, and Conversions between the systems

Friday, April 17

Review Conversions between Metric and U S Customary System

Thursday, April 16

Review Stairways (U S Customary System) and Metric Conversions
STATE (SOL) tentative Test date (May 15)

Tuesday, April 14

New 1-subject notebook due (as soon as possible)

Monday, April 13

New 1-subject Notebook
Review Staircases for Customary System Conversions

Friday, April 3

ENJOY Spring Break!