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  1. All performances are given preparation by every member of the performing ensemble.  Each member of the bands and/ or  orchestra should make every effort to be present at all rehearsals and performances.  This is a class that is worth credits toward graduation.  Rehearsal time is similar to research time and the research will never be as thorough if parts are missing.  STUDENTS WHO MISSED THE HARVEST CONCERT / WINTER CONCERT / SPRING CONCERT AND / OR  FESTIVAL ASSESSMENT  SHALL PERFORM IN CLASS THE MUSIC THAT WAS PREPARED FOR THE CONCERT.  YOU MUST BE DRESSED IN FULL CONCERT ATTIRE.  The other option is to complete a 600- 900 word book report on one of the following composers: Johann Sebastian Bach,  Claude Debussy, Peter Tchaikovsky, or Antonin Dvorak.
  2.   The make up assignment is due before the end of the nine week grading period.   
  3. Rubric:   A -(90 – 100) The performance was prepared presented in a professional manner with program notes and proper concert attire.      B – (80 – 89)  The performance was flawed by one or two wrong notes, rhythms, or tone quality issues.  The student has on the proper concert attire.  C – (70 – 79)  The performance was flawed by more than two instances of wrong notes and rhythms,  some intonation problems and / or no concert attire.  D – (50-69)  Poor tone quality, more than three instances of wrong notes, poor rhythms, significant difficulty with intonation.  No concert attire.  F. – (59 and below)  Performance lacked all of the 5 main ingredients for a successful performance.  Student was not prepared.  No uniform.


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