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May 10, 2019

Dear Students & Parents:

I hope that everyone is in great health and is having an enjoyable transition as we head  toward the end of another school year.  The purpose of this letter is to (1) give you the information you will need to adjust your schedules (2) make arrangements with your employers/ family and (3) give everyone an idea of what to expect for Summer Band 2019 and the upcoming fall marching season.  The Nansemond River High School MMW Band is a well-respected and award winning band program.  The 2019 – 2020 marching season begins on July 29 Summer Marching Band camp for new members.  We plan to have a successful and exciting season filled with challenges and high expectations.  Plans are being made for several performances in and around the Coastal Virginia Region.  The organization is going to need support from students and parents to continue the progress we have made in the program.  Our bands performance in the Sugar Bowl Halftime and New Year’s Eve parade in New Orleans, LA was a GIANT step in a new frontier for the Warrior Band program. Preparation for the future is not possible without help from everyone.


OPEN HOUSE FOR NEW STUDENTS & PARENTS / Final NR Band Parent Meeting June 6 @ 630 pm


Summer Band Camp

July 29 – Aug 1                                                                   GUARD AND PERCUSSION TRYOUTS / ROOKIE CAMP

August 5 – 8                        `                                               FULL BAND CAMP

August 12 – 15                                                                   FULL BAND CAMP

August 19 – 22                                                                   FULL BAND CAMP



All students will wear shorts / exercise pants (no leggings and no jeans), plain white short-sleeve t shirt, a hat and athletic shoes to practice and camp every day.  Please wear appropriate undergarments for exercising and marching. 



** All fees have remained the same for the past 10 years.  This is contingent on students participating in fundraisers.  ALL STUDENTS MUST PARTICIPATE IN FUNDRAISERS. The fees are to offset the increases in costs for everything provided to the students.  The fees do not reflect the cost for all items issued to band members throughout the year.    


NRHS Band Dues: $125 (Deadline to pay is August 5) Make checks payable to NRHS Bands.  You can pay online using the Online School Payment System on our website (

Includes: Daily snack, bottled water during the season, new fall T-shirt, 1 pair of gloves, occasional pizza prior to selected performances, maintenance and general supplies during summer camp. 




Parents and students please pay close attention to the schedules!  We need students and parents to be responsible and committed for the entire season!  The season lasts from August 5 through the last football game which is usually the first Friday in November unless we are in the playoffs.  The majority of our parents and students consistently work very hard to make sacrifices and help our band maintain the “STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE” which is the goal.  Rehearsals and performances are very important therefore please make a conscious effort to be present for both.  Students and parents are expected to show up with an energetic spirit of family, teamwork, motivation, compromise, professionalism and positive thinking.  The band is only as strong as its weakest member. It is important that through your attendance, practice, teamwork and enthusiasm the band will reach its full potential early in the season and have the best award winning season ever.  Enjoy the remainder of the school year and summer 2019.  I look forward to seeing you on the required dates. 

Practice Tips


  1. Eat healthy foods, stay away from greasy foods and sodas


  1. Dress comfortably (no jeans, hot pants, leggings only, NO skirts, or dresses)


  1. Please wear a hat.


  1. 4. If you suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, or any ailment that may

cause serious injury; please see the Band Director before you start                                                        practicing.


  1. Share your schedule with your parents and employers


  1. All students will wear a plain white t-shirt and black athletic shorts


  1. Arrange for rides ahead of time following performances and rehearsals.


  1. Leave all egos and bad attitudes at home!


  1. Please bring positive and winning attitudes to practice.


  1. BE ON TIME!!!


  1. All students should bring a thermos of cold water and a towel.


  1. Water will not be allowed on the practice field. Only on the sideline!



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