NRHS Students Participating in March Mania

From March 4 through April 3, “The President’s Own” will host “Sousa’s March Mania,” a tournament pitting 32 marches against each other for the Marine Band online community to determine which one is the favorite. Every day through April 3, marches will compete head to head while our friends and fans vote which marches advance in the tournament.  Students in Mr Woodis’ class have been given a bracket to complete.   Students must bring the brackets to class each week to show for homework and quiz grades.  A winning bracket is an automatic 100 quiz grade.  The champion march will be announced on April 4. In order to win “Sousa’s March Mania” you must obtain a perfect bracket, completed prior to the start of the first game at 9 a.m., on March 4 (honor system). If you win, you’ll be named an honorary “March King” for a day! Participants are also invited to share completed brackets with the Marine Band by emailing them to or posting to