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Charms Office is the management resource for use by parents and their students enrolled in marching band or any of Mr. Woodis’ classes at Nansemond River High School.  Marching band, jazz band, and orchestra members are able to use the Charms system.   Please see below for instructions.

NOTE: If your Student’s ID is not working, please contact Mr. Woodis (edwardwoodis@spsk12.net)  Please include your students school ID number in the email.

Go to CharmsOffice.com

2. 2.Click ‘ENTER/LOGIN’ (top right)

3. 3.Scroll down to Parents/Students/Members login

4. 4.Type ‘NanRivBand’ as the school code and click ‘Enter Student/Parent area’

5. 5.Type your student’s school ID and click ‘Enter’ .

Please contact Mr Woodis @  edwardwoodis@spsk12.net if you have any questions or difficulty logging into the system.

** A free app for your mobile device is available.**

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