The Nansemond River High School Band Fruit Sale ends on November 19!!!!


FRESH FLORIDA CITRUS FRUIT TO BE DELIVERED TO SUFFOLK IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!  The fruit sale runs from today through Wednesday, November 19, 2014.  We have three ways you can order fruit:

1.  See any member of the Magnificent Marching Warrior band.  ( No CHECKS will be accepted.  Money order or cash only sales.)  

2.  Come up to Nansemond River High School and place your order from 4 – 6 p.m.   ( No CHECKS will be accepted.  Money order or cash only sales.)  

3.  For your convenience , you can order online at the following link: >>>>>>>

*** We have a new size selection this year of 1 / 5 bushel of Red Grapefruit, 1./ 5 bushel of Navels, or 1 / 5 bushel of mixed.  All prices are available on the website.  The 1/ 5 bushel sizes can only be ordered online.***

Thank you to our loyal supporters!!  Thank you to our new supporters!!  We are working very hard to buy new uniforms for our marching band and continue operating.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  The fruit is VERY delicious and is genuine Florida FRESH citrus fruit!!


Please support the Nansemond River HS Magnificent Marching Warrior Band!!!!




Online ordering is available for your convenience.


Welcome to the Nansemond River High School Instrumental Music Department

Welcome to the Nansemond River High School Bands, String Orchestra, and Music Appreciation classes!  This year, ALL students in my classes are invited to log in and explore the Charms class management system.  As of today, all blocks have been added to the system with the exception of the Music Appreciation class.  This system will allow us to communicate faster and more efficiently throughout the school year.  On your first day of school, please bring in your instrument, a 1 inch three – ringed binder, 2 pencils and document protectors.  On day one we will embark on an exciting journey into the world of band, orchestra, and music theory.

*** Marching Band members:  Please bring your clothes to change into for after school marching band rehearsal.  We will be going outside.  Cubby assignments will be made starting Tuesday, Sept 2 with the Advanced band Block 7.***

Have a great start to the New School Year!!!



Charms Office is a  new management resource for use by parents and their students enrolled in Mr. Woodis’ classes at Nansemond River High School.  Marching band members are also required to use the Charms system.   Please see below for instructions.

NOTE: If your Student’s ID is not working, please contact Mr. Woodis (  Please include your students school ID number in the email.

Go to

2. 2.Click ‘ENTER/LOGIN’ (top right)

3. 3.Scroll down to Parents/Students/Members login

4. 4.Type ‘NanRivBand’ as the school code and click ‘Enter Student/Parent area’

5. 5.Type your student’s school ID and click ‘Enter’ .

Please contact Mr Woodis @ if you have any questions or difficulty logging into the system.