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Hello everyone,

We will have a Band Car – Wash Car wash

this Saturday at the Walgreen’s on Bridge Road.  This is a fundraiser to help students pay their band dues.  100% of the money raised will go toward marching band students who are registered in Charms.  The band student must be present in order to earn money towards the students account.   New band members should email me their name and student number to be registered in Charms.  Email the students name and student number to edwardwoodis@spsk12.net.  Remember: You must be registered in Charms to participate in any band activities including fundraisers.  


Charms Office is a  new band resource maintained by the band director. Please see below for instructions.

NOTE: If your Student’s ID is not working, please contact Mr. Woodis (edwardwoodis@spsk12.net)  Please include your students school ID number in the email.

.Go to CharmsOffice.com

2. 2.Click ‘ENTER/LOGIN’ (top right)

3. 3.Scroll down to Parents/Students/Members login

4. 4.Type ‘NanRivBand’ as the school code and click ‘Enter Student/Parent area’

5. 5.Type your student’s school ID and click ‘Enter’ .

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, July 26 at the Walgreens on Bridge Road.

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