Make Up Work Must be Completed

All marching band students who attended the Philadelphia trip are reminded to complete your make up work from November 23 and 24, 2010.  THIS INCLUDES MAKE UP WORK FROM ALL OF YOUR CLASSES!!!!!!


The Magnificent Marching Warriors will be performing in only the Grand Illumination Parade  on Saturday, November 20, 2010.  ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN THE BAND ROOM BY 2 P.M. ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2010.  STUDENTS SHOULD NOT REPORT TO THE BAND ROOM AT 7:30 A.M.    WE WILL NOT BE PERFORMING in the Hampton Holiday Parade nor  CHESAPEAKE SQUARE MALL TOMORROW AFTERNOON AT 1 P.M.  Everyone should be in the band room by 2 p.m.

Mr W.

The British are Coming!!!!! and we need to host them:)

We are still in need of volunteers to host a student England.  These are the students who hosted our students when we traveled to England in 2009.   If you are able to host an English student please fill out the Housing Cover and Form below and turn it in to Mr Woodis as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Housing Cover and Form[1]

Information is available for the Suffolk Sister Cities foreign music student exchange program.  Our awesome guests from Suffolk, England will be returning in February 2011.  If you are able to host one of these outstanding musicians please download and complete the application above.  This is an awesome opportunity and a great experience as well.  You can send the completed form to Mr Woodis or Mary Jane Naismith with the SSC.