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June 6th-10th

Almost to the end… thanks for all the help parents have given for the fantastic projects that have come in!

We will test for the end of the 9 weeks on the unit Solar System. 

June 14th is our testing day(Tuesday)

Wednesday:  Use our vocabulary from 6.8 to make up 10 quiz questions.

Leave the answers off of the question.  You do have to know the answer to tell if your partner gets it right.

Monday:  We will review for test to be taken on the Solar System in the class room on Tuesday.  Homework is to finish foldable on 5 vocabulary words, color and study over notes and flash cards for test tomorrow

Our Cumulative test is on June 6th.  This will cover all units covered

May 16th-20th

Students will make a poster or 3 Dimensional display showing the Solar System, planets and present information they have learned about it.  A detailed handout will go home by Friday.

Test scheduled for Friday will be rescheduled for Tuesday.  Science SOL test will be given on June 6th.

May 9th-13th


Monday:  complete study guide for midpoint test

Tuesday:  Study over all completed study guides, (6.3,6.5,6.7) for review.  Also use flash cards to study the vocabulary from each of the above units.  Your Interactive notebook is also a good source for review.  There will be a few questions from 6.2 and 6.4

May 2-6

Friday:  Test on Watersheds 6.7  A study guide was sent home to be completed and studied for review of information.  Study vocabulary from 6.7 and any notes we have taken.  Review nutrient pollution, 3 types of wetlands

Next Wednesday we will take the midpoint test for 6.3, 6.5 and 6.7

May 2nd – May 6th

Monday:  Quiz on 6.7 vocabulary and wetland facts. 

Test on Friday:  see back of oyster packet for information.  Wear red, whit and blue to show patriotism for our country, (optional)

Tuesday:  Color and label map in Oyster packet

Wednesday:  Finish notes from pages 7-8 in your notebook.  These are outline notes to help you study by for our tests and exams coming up.  The last page of the Oyster packet is a summary of all we are to learn for this unit.  In addition, flash card vocabulary should be studied as well.

Monday:  finish your foldable done in class today.  The steps of the scientific method were used in this activity to help remember the steps in order and their purpose.  We will illustrate the meaning

Tuesday:  We will have a test on Tuesday, Feb 15th.  Students are to bring in a candy bar for an activity demonstrating the scientific investigation of mass.  We will familiarize ourselves with the triple beam balance scale with this activity.

Wednesday:  Answer questions on page 14 1-10.Some students have not brought in their candy bars for our experiment.

Extra credit:  (see below)

Monday:  Test today on Solar Energy 6.3.  We will start a new unit today also:  6.5  Unique Properties of Water.  Hopefully we will get our blue books in so that parents can be more familiar with the current information students are learning in science.

Tuesday:  Finish vocabulary definitions done in class (6.5)

Wednesday:  1/2 day of school

Extra credit:  Make a 3 D model with an explanation of an example of cohesion and adhesion.  Be sure to explain what they are and how they are different in addition to the model

Week of November 1-5



Monday night:  study vocabulary, notes and blue book for test on Energy 6.2 to be taken on Wednesday, (11/3/10) Finish comic strip showing energy transformation

Wednesday:  Continue to study for End of nine  weeks test for this Friday, 11/5/10  This will cover all objectives in the blue book, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6

Friday:  October 22, 2010  We are having a quiz on Friday for 6.2 Energy. 

Reminder:  Nov. 3-8 are cumulative review days for end of 9 weeks testing.  Using your notes and Blue Book study concepts we have covered.  Use your flash cards to help you study. 

Many activities were completed this week.  We are studying Atoms and Matter.  Students made a “Baby Book” for their chosen element.  This was due on Thursday, (started on Monday).

Three elements were given to students to show the number and location of the subatomic particles, (protons, neutrons and electrons).  We also learned the charge of each.   Notes were taken to help accomplish the task. 

A Review for our test on Monday is to be sent home on Thursday to complete.  This should aid in preparing for the test.  Also study the vocabulary words.

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