Jun 30

Mr. Pulley’s 2017 Science Fair Award Winners

Congrats to all the NSES Science Fair Award Winners:

1st Place Winners: Ryan & Brady

2nd Place Winners: Shelbi & Tudor

3rd Place Winners: Marisa & Lola

Honorable Mention: Scotty & Payton

IMG_0889  IMG_0883


IMG_0884 IMG_0887

Jun 30

End of the Year Award Winners in Mr. Pulley’s Homeroom

Congrats to all these rising sixth grade award winners! I’m very proud and honored to have been a part of all your achievements this school year.

IMG_0873 IMG_0879


All “A” Honor Roll for the Year                                                   All “A/B” Honor Roll for the Year

IMG_0880 Perfect Attendance for the Entire School Year

May 30

2016-2017 NSES Field Day

Congrats to all of “Pulley’s Primetime” winners! We earned a 1st place score by placing in 8 out of 12 fifth grade competitions. Excellent job!

IMG_0834                        IMG_0836  IMG_0858IMG_0842                      IMG_0849   IMG_0843   IMG_0851     IMG_0855 IMG_0856




May 02

Elementary Schools Spring 2017 SOL Non-Writing Testing Schedule

SOL Testing Week 1

5/17/17 Grade 5 Reading (Day 1)

5/18/17 Grade 5 Reading (Day 2)

5/19/17 Grade 5 VA Studies


SOL Testing Week 2

5/22/17 Make-Ups

5/24/17 Grade 5 Science


SOL Testing Week 3

5/31/17 Make-Ups

6/1/17 Grade 5 Math


Apr 24

The Ocean Floor

3NW’s Ocean Floor Models

IMG_0812 IMG_0814 IMG_0815 (1) IMG_0816


Apr 24

3NW’s Nutty Professors!

Check out these “Nutty Professors!” Congratulations on mastering your 3NW’s science benchmark test!


IMG_0807 IMG_0803

Apr 24

3NW’s Master’s of Math!

Congratulations to all the 3NW’s Master’s of Math for achieving a mastery score of 70% or higher on their math benchmark.


IMG_0799 IMG_0806

Apr 18

Science Fair Projects

Elementary-Science-Project-StudentPlanning-Guide_3 (Planning Guide)

Science Fair Rubric (click on link)

Science Fair purpose is due Monday! Make sure that it is written in the form of a question.

Entire Science Fair Project will be due June 9th


Mar 20

3NW’s Math Benchmark!!!

3NW’s math benchmark will be administered on Friday, March 24th!

The following SOLS will be covered:

  • SOL 5.4 (Single and multi-step word problems)
  • SOL 5.7 (Order of Operations)
  • SOL 5.19 (Distributive Property)
  • SOLS 5.3/5.90 (Even/Odd and Prime/Composite Numbers)
  • SOL 5.2 (Comparing and ordering decimals and fractions)
  • SOL 5.6 (Adding/Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with and without like denominators)


*Copy of Study Guide (Third Nine Weeks Study Guide 2017)

Feb 19

“Farmer’s Only Day”

Check out these young farmers harvesting their winter crops!

IMG_0755 IMG_0758IMG_0768

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