Oct 02

Homework for this week….

Monday, October 2nd

Math: Quiz tomorrow on PowerSchool! Study all notes on multiplication of decimals!

Complete questions (29-35) on pg. 177 in your math textbook

Science: Scientific Method models are due on October 9th!

Prepare for vocabulary quiz on Friday. The quiz will be on the 8 scientific method words from your science notes!

Sep 28

Scientific Method Project

Scientific Method models are due October 9th. Please make sure that all 8 words with their definitions are displayed on the model.

Scientific Method Rubric (copy of rubric)


IMG_0231 IMG_0229 IMG_0228 IMG_0227 IMG_0226 IMG_0225

Sep 05


Dear Fifth-grade Students & Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to your new fifth grade classroom! This school year will bring many exciting adventures and new challenges. I hope that you come to school this year expecting it to be the best you could ever imagine. I am thrilled to meet all of you and learn about who it is you are.

In our homeroom class you will be an important part of our classroom community. We are counting on your ideas and actions to make this year awesome. Fifth grade is set up so that you will gain experience working with more than one teacher.

Fifth grade is a very important year. You are now the eldest in our building and I look strongly upon you to be the leaders in our school and community. This is a great responsibility and a gift that I hope you will embrace with integrity and confidence. It is a marvelous opportunity that lies ahead for you. I hope you will come to our classroom with and open mind and a determined heart. I’m looking forward to all that is to come.