Apr 28

April 28, 2014

Progressing toward success is the path that we are taking in room 107.  We are continuing to move ahead with review and all subjects.  This week students will have a Social Stuides packet that will be due on Friday.  Students will also come home with a Famous American project.  Students have been assigned a person to research and this is in conjunction with the project.  We will be working on the research at school, and this information will be used for the project as well.

We are reviewing skills in math that our class needs to work on, these skill will be fine tuned before the SOL test.  This week we will not have spelling or vocabulary.  In reading we will be focusing on comprehension skills.  Below you will find our important dates for SOL testing:

May 15th History

May 20th & 21st Reading

May 30th Science

June 4th & June 5th Math

Please be mindful of these future dates.

Lastly, our field day will be May 2nd.  Please dress your child accordingly.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Thanks for your help, and support it is greatly appreciated.


Apr 21

April 21, 2014

We have relaxed and we are ready to spring into action! The students were really excited to be back at school today and I was happy to see their smiling faces.

We will be working on a lot of review skills in all areas in addition to what we need to cover for the nine weeks.  Please take a look at Testnav which is located on VDOE website.  Students will have the assignment to review these questions for Math on Wednesday night.  I will also include a link that will be sent home on Tuesday in their envelope.

As you review spelling words this week, the spelling is easy, but the meanings of the words are tricky, so this might trip them up.

We are also working on learning about our government and famous Americans.  As a review, we will also take a look at previous famous Americans from earlier grades.  In science we will take a look at energy.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Apr 07

April 7, 2014

100 percent is the key, teacher, students and parents working together = Student Success!

Students are explaining how natural events affect our Earth and how plants and animails depend on each other for survival.  In social studies students students are understanding how our goverment makes decisions that affect our community.

We are taking our math benchmark today.  We will continue to have a heavy dose of review of skills each week in addition to learning about identity property.  Students will also be able to identify shapes that are congruent and noncongruent.

In reading we are focusing on comprehension skills, being able to infer what will happen next (ex.  The clouds are dark and it is windy, what will happen next)

Also we are all excited that Spring Break is around the corner.  When the students come back we will have plenty of review to provide, via my blog page or information that is sent home.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks for all your support, it is appreciated more than you know.


Mar 31

March 31, 2014

March is leaving us, and April is around the corner. Parents our days are winding down, but there is still much learning to do. Please pay close attention to the newsletter posted this week. You will see detailed information that outlines this weeks plans.

In addition on Tuesday night we have our PTA meeting which is at 6:00. This is an informational meeting that is going to help prepare your child for upcoming SOL testing in May. For every parent that attends your child will be entered into a drawing for my class to recive a book purchase from the bookfair up to $5.00.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Mar 31

March 24, 2014

We are walking down the path of success in room 107.  Parents studdents will be bringing home their interactive notebooks today to study for upcoming test in Science and Social Studies. Please note the dates for test on weekly newsletter. Students also are preparing for upcoming benchmark test in Math. Lots of review is forth coming. Students should also be working on Moon Phases project that is due on April 4th. We will also have a PTA meeting on April 1st. The 3rd grade teachers will be presenting activities and support that will help with students preparing upcoming SOL test.
This week we have March of Dimes
Monday Homework Pass $1.00
Tuesday Electronics Hour $1.00
Wedneday Hat Day 1.00
Thursday Bunny Grams $1.00
Friday Pajama Day $1.00

Baby Squares to display on classroom door $1.00
Pie in the Face $1.00

Mar 17

March 17th

Learning is contagious in our classroom! Students are showing up and showing out with the zest for learning.  The next couple of weeks will offer an intense look at measurement (liquid, linear, area and perimeter).  Moon phases will be at the top of our list along with other various cycles (plant, life and water).  Economics is at the top our list in social studies, students will be reviewing specialization and opportunity cost.

In reading we will continue to work on comprehension skills, generalizing what the story is about along with main idea. 

Don’f forget to take a look at the pages with DOL, Social Studies and Science Review.  This week students will review skills in all areas.  We are preparing to Rock the SOL test. 

Students bought home their pictures on last week, you have 10 days to return your proof.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Thanks for your support of Room 107, it is greatly appreciated.!

Mar 10

March 10, 2014

We have come this far by working hard and setting high expections for our children.  Many thanks for the support you are giving, it is really helping our students.

This week we will review the math midpoint and take a look at the areas that we had difficulty with.  We we take a look at liquid measurement as well.

In reading we will continue to work on answering comprehension questions and work on prefixes.

In science we are taking a look at “Moon Phases” and review skills we have already learned.

Social studies we are still working on economics and how it works with our own community.

If you have any questions about upcoming skills please let me know.

Mar 04

March 3rd

Parents and students this week promises to be a week of flexibility.  At this time we still preparing to review our math benchmark test, we not sure what day it will be at this time.  Please make sure your child has completed the power point review that was sent via email.

In preparation for the benchmark we have decided to hold back on homework for this week (no spelling, science or social studies)

Please note that the days for future quizzes are changing.  The DOL, vocabulary, review (science & social studies) will change to Monday.

Students will finish learning about soil and move on to learning about cycles (moon, water, tides and life cycles).  We will continue to take a look at Economics and how we make choices.

Going forward in math students will be learning measurement.  We are asking that students bring in plastic liquid containers by Thursday to help out with this lesson.

Thanks for your support of Room 107, it is greatly appreciated.

Feb 24

February 24, 2014

Students are progressing toward success with a true desire to learn and focus on the essentials of being successful!  Thanks for all your efforts with help our students thus far.  The road ahead is long, but it will be well worth the hard work.  I will be posting some power points on this blog page to help students review for the up coming math test.  We will be reviewing a combination of skills that will be tested and the homework this week will reflect what is going to be tested.

I really like the result of our students using the Pearson On-line vocabulary review and Extra -Math.  The next story students will be reading is Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest.  Students will go to day 2 to review vocabulary for the week.  Thanks for your efforts with this.  Students are still expected to turn in their spelling homework every Friday.

Students will be taking Spring Pictures on Thursday of this week, forms have been sent home and the last one will be sent home on Tuesday.


Feb 17

February 17, 2014

Students are pushing themselves to excell with excellence! I am so proud of our students progress thus far. We have a ways to go, but just know our students can do this.
Please note that this week our vocabulary is changing. Students will come home this week with a log in sheet that connects them to Pearson and students will have access to review vocabulary.

This week we will be reviewing comparing fractions and probability in math, in addition to the skills we have review thus far. In reading we are continuing to work on locating information answering questions with contextual clues. Students have chosen a book to publish (fiction, nonfiction, poetry or autobiography) We are lookin forward to writing these selections in the coming weeks. In science we are digging into our soil. The soil samples were fun and and the kids had blast. In social studies we are working on economics.

Thanks for your continuing support, it means so much and it makes a huge difference in the life of our students.

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